Finding the best coach for you is better than finding the best gym in your city.

Big facts. I’ve been a Department Head at a high end luxury gym, often this chain is referred to as the “Best Gym in Dallas” and when you walk in it’s hard to argue that the facilities at this franchise are exceptional. Saunas, pools, hot tubs, cold tubs, steam sauna, steam shower, massage therapists on site, high end salon with professional stylists, personal trainers, top of the line equipment, hot yoga, rock climbing, basketball, tennis facilities, healthy cafe, and they’re open almost all day and night. What’s the deal? Why am I saying this ain’t it…

You’re on your own. Even if you have a trainer, they are focused on getting you in and out, it’s a numbers game. They aren’t changing your habits, perspective towards health, or solving the real issues. Do people get fit there, absolutely some people who are self-motivated and know what they’re doing can succeed in getting lean just about anywhere they train. Do people get radical life change that impacts them in a profound way, changing their relationships, their self-view, and what it means to truly be healthy? Not often, and not on purpose.

At 3Q Fitness | CrossFit Garland we’ve dedicated the last 15 years to developing coaches. We like our gym, we have a facility we love, we keep it clean, we update what we feel would improve the member experience, and we like to think our efforts as coaches give us a bonus label as the best gym in Garland. That’s simply a byproduct of intently focusing on having the best coaching program in Garland. Our aim is to identify and address what’s broken. That’s not to say the athlete is broken, but we can assume that anyone who walks into the gym is seeking to change something. Self-improvement is something we can rally behind. “Broken” would be the habits that conflict with the improvement we seek. That’s where a coach will always be more impactful than the sauna or steam shower after “Leg Day” at a top tier facility spent awkwardly scrolling instagram and praying nobody is looking at you.

Coaching will always win. If you’re a client, shoot your coach a text and let them know something they’ve helped improve in your life. If you’re not a client and want to see what it’s like to work with us, reach out. We’d love to talk, get to know you over a cup of coffee, and investigate what problems our coaches can help you solve.