What’s the most effective exercise for fat loss?

I love this tik-tok tag line on fit-fluencer’s posts. There’s not a singular movement or exercise that is going to maximize fat loss. The more meaningful question to ask is: “Why am I not seeing the results I want?”

I can rap on this for a while, but this is why we pair you with a coach and our process is designed around the individual. Anyone that walks into our gym in Garland gives varying degrees of surface level answers when we ask why they came: “I wanted the best gym near me, I wanted to find personal training near me, I wanted to find the best fitness program to get healthy, I’m looking to burn fat and gain muscle, etc.” Great, move your body every day for 30-60mins, eat nutrient rich foods, sleep 10 hours a night, and avoid anything that moves you further away from health. It’s simple. Right?

Not everyone can execute that on their own, we aren’t wired that way. That’s where a coach steps in to help identify the missing pieces or the things that might cause overload. Some clients need structure, accountability, or the occasional encouragement to stay consistent. Some clients need eyes on them to keep them moving safe or even to keep them from pushing too hard. Some clients need the full suite of available coaching: nutrition plan, habit coaching, personalized programming, one on one session, and regular goal check ins. Everyone benefits from a coach.

A coach should help you uncover the “why” behind your investment in health and fitness. The more trust you build with your coach the easier it will be to dig into the depth of that answer and harness the power from that knowledge. Both client and coach can lean into the “why” and let that serve as the direction all goals flow, ensuring that all energy and time invested are going to be used purposefully. It’s at that point when your mindset towards your workouts shift from, “How can I get six pack abs before summer,” to something deeply meaningful like, “I know that being my fittest is the best way to keep me around for my kids, or my grandkids.” Of those two “why’s” only one has the power to radically transform habits.

The homework for you is this:

  1. Identify what all of your goals are for your fitness, health, relationship, finances, etc, what version of you are you working towards? Describe that person.
  2. Think of people who you admire, list out a few
  3. Identify the habits that those people you admire have that you don’t and would like to
  4. Identify the habits that you have which are getting in the way of being the person you described earlier
  5. Take these things to a coach and ask them if they can help. Feel free to email me at justin@3qfitness.com and I’d be happy to connect you with one of our coaches or someone in your area that I might know!