What’s a Coaching Program? Fitness, or Health?

When people ask me what I do, I don’t say, “I own a gym,” I say, “I’m a coach, and we run a coaching program.”

What’s the difference? Why not just say we are a gym and we have fitness classes? We aren’t looking to be cute, or edgy, or bold, or funny, or apply a level of depth to our offering that just doesn’t exist when we side step the “gym” label. We simply are a coaching program, our business isn’t about delivering amazing classes (which we do) it’s about a strong client/coach relationship that delivers radical life change.

When you train with us, you join our community, our tribe. When you belong to a tribe there’s a relationship that’s just understood. A tribe will encourage you, hold you accountable, laugh with you, walk through rough seasons with you, and become a vehicle to drive your life forward in a positive direction.

A trainer delivering a group class is a lot like a lifeguard in the pool of fitness making sure you don’t drown or run on a wet pool deck and slip. A coach does a bit more, the aim is to form a relationship that creates actual lifestly change. A Coach will become a mentor, someon you trust to give you direction in fitness, health, nutrition, and life. Our team of coaches are qualified, continually learning and honing their craft. Our team of coaches deeply cares about what they do, they are professionals and carry themselves that way. Your coach will get to know you on a personal level, identify the best way to help you achieve your goals while maintaining a balanced life and creating sustainable habits that give you a decent shot at getting off the toilet by yourself in your 80’s. Our coaching program has been tweaked over the last 15 years: we pair every client with their own personal coach and combine that with a group training environment. The personal coach performs regular assessments and check-ins to monitor/ensure progress, this also allows our coaches to personalization our group fitness program so you get the best of personal training without sacrificing being part of our community.

Our focus is not to deliver the most intense hour of the day, slamming barbells while we have music blaring, then flailing on the floor after. (It’s not that serious…) The goal is to empower you with your health and fitness. We want to identify the areas of your life that we can help with habit or mindset changes, then add that to our recipe of a planned our fitness program designed to get your results that last. You should be able to get lean, lose body fat, feel content in your life, not feel too banged up to enjoy the rest of your day or too sore to play with your kids, and love the people you do it with.

We are not a gym. We are a coaching program. We feel very strongly that’s what makes us the best gym in Garland, the best trainers in Garland, and the best coaching program you’ll work with.

-Justin Estes, 3Q Fitness | CrossFit Garland