What if I’m not ready to start training at your gym or ready for personal training?

Just start.

This isn’t a sales pitch, it’s just what it is. In my decade of coaching fitness and health I’ve seen a lot of people come in and out of our place. The last time I checked, in 15 . I’ve also seen people who have years of experience or decide they’re going to get in shape before coming to our program, and those people rarely commit. Not only do they rarely commit to our gym, they rarely commit in general.

From my perspective and limited experience, it’s not a “fit enough to start” issue that we are seeing. We are seeing a commitment issue. This can sometimes be caused by insecurity: “What if I’m the last one on every run… What if people make fun of me… What if I fail?” That’s where a lot of us live. Social media, mainstream media, the comparison game is running wild there and ruins our self view. I can only say this, when you step out of your comfort zone amazing things happen. The growth experienced while uncomfortable is truly transformative to a depth much more than fitting into smaller jeans. There’s another curious phenomenon that happens when we all train in the same room sweating and doing burpees…we stop looking around and judging people. There’s a level of understanding, a social contract we all commit to honoring when we step in the gym. We all admitted, to whatever degree, that we needed help and wanted to change something. To walk through the doors of a gym like this is a humbling thing to do.

Also… In the words of Coach Robert, “People are too busy worried about themselves trying to train to worry about you working out.”

We also see that it can be caused by a budget situation and the client is waiting for the economy to bless them so this expense feels like less of a hit each time it clears. My response to that is, you’ll probably be paying that money eventually down the road. You can choose to invest in your health and fitness now, giving yourself a statistical cheat code to avoid chronic illness and disease. You can also decide to eat like crap, ignore the signals from your body that it’s not meant to be mistreated like this, and eventually the wheels fall off and you become a statistic. So, the mindset shift there becomes investment versus expense.

Maybe it’s your schedule holding you back? I hear you. I empathize with you. Truly, I do. All of the coaches have felt burnt out at one point or another, we’ve felt overwhelmed, we’ve been there. I don’t like playing this card but… I’ve seen a single mom of three kiddos work a 12 hour shift from 5am-5pm and come up to train 3 days a week because she knew that time was invested in her family. I also see a mom bring her two kids to the gym 4-5 days a week at 5:30am, the oldest sleeps in the car and the youngest comes in and lays down on the couch or sometimes trains with mom. I’ve also seen first responders who work 24 hours straight come in off shift to take the 7am class, get in some movement, then go. Is this because these people are too dedicated to fitness or have this David Goggins drive? Nah. These people just know that they want to be healthy well into their 80’s and they also know that they could invest an hour of their day so they can be the best version of themselves for the people that rely on them.

You can’t pour from an empty cup. If you look at an hour of your day as a hard sacrifice to make, think of the time spent scrolling social media or watching shows or whatever thing you do to “decompress.” I’d argue that the time spent decompressing with things that don’t benefit your health are stealing from you more than they’re helping. Maybe you go to bed an hour earlier, wake up an hour earlier, and get a workout in? Maybe, just do that 3 days a week? Just a thought.

This isn’t meant to make you feel like you’re full of excuses or that we are just tough and eat nails instead of cereal so you should too. We struggle. Fitness isn’t fun. It’s not fun to struggle. The result is worth it though. We want you to enjoy every single day. If there’s 168 hours in the week, our firm belief is that devoting 3 of those hours to your health will make the other 165 vastly more enjoyable.

So, if you know you need coaching, just start. We can find a way to make things work.

3Q Fitness | CrossFit Garland has been solving problems for 15 years, there’s nothing we can’t work with and find a way to help you achieve the life you deserve.