Tip for Owners/Coaches: How to Close More Sales

Stop selling.

Seriously, that’s it. When is the last time you had someone pitch you something and you bought it, especially something that wasn’t cheap.

“Don’t you want to tell people about your gym and why they should join?”

No. I don’t want to pitch to anyone or sell to anyone ever. I want to find the right people who fit our culture. Does that mean we’re exclusive? Yes, but not in the way you might be thinking. The right people who fit our culture recognize their need for a coach and value the coaching relationship. The clients we have success with are the ones who value having a coach and are committed to that relationship.

We also know that we bring a lot to the table. That’s not a humble brag, but we know that we are delivering a highly effective product for a fraction of the cost of personal training. Our clients have the option to train in the best community, around an exceptional group of like-minded people, and have a professional coach lead each session while also having a dedicated personal coach personalizing everything for them.

Long story short, stop convincing people to work with you. Start delivering an effective product that you believe in. Deliver a product you’d be proud for your Mom or Grandma to experience (like mine do) and treat every client the way you would want your family to be treated. If you’re doing that you won’t need to “pitch” or “close” ever again. Simply, find the people looking for what you deliver and deliver great results consistently.


A Coach Who Wants You to Win